Andreea constantin stepped into the fashion world as a model and then as a stylist for Glamour and Viva! magazines in Romania. Soon after, in 2009, Andreea discovered her natural talent in making women happy through her designs and became known as the designer and owner of Rhea Costa brand.

Her fashion brand was received with great acclaims. “I like to feel the fabrics, to structure them directly on the mannequin, to see exactly how they move, how they emphasis the silhouette. I know that my dresses will complement women’s body and attitude” says Andreea.

Rhea Costa’s DNA is its feminine silhouette, custom handmade embroideries and geometric draping. The garments are handcrafted using couture techniques, that brings them luxury and glamour look. The beauty of a dress lies in the happiness it brings to the one who wears it! - this is the credo behind the Rhea Costa brand.